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Coming together

posted 13 Oct 2011, 15:07 by Rod Read   [ updated 13 Oct 2011, 16:02 ]
Hmmm, yeah there is something now being built in the loft. One trampoline inflated and partly inspected.
 Sites for launching galore explored. Sandwick wee shore being the current favorite.

Some very organic kite shapes could be arranged around the place.
Guying out a spinning daisy with inflated rotating stem up the cliff behind the ring mounted sail faces., good ring mounting to a centre rotating 3 point swivel.. a well anchored kite in a Natural funnel... you CAN make a kite push, not just pull!

It would be nice if the Isle of Lewis could host an Airborne Wind Energy Conference.

We have the windiest place in Europe. with world leading Hydrogen, Wave...
Stornoway Fishermans coop loads of rigging kit
arnish fabrication yard
some of the most varied and friendliest landscapes