Binary actions

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Add and subtract Add mass and subtract mass Add tension and subtract tension 
Expose to sun and then shade Electromagnetism on and off Load to threshold; then trip to reseat 
Fetch and release Grab and let go Reach and return 
Flutter and stop flutter Flutter more and flutter less flutter more and flutter more yet 
Flutter less and flutter even less Vibrate and damp vibrating Interrupt and leave alone 
Happen and cease Intermittent action Buffet (this way and that way) 
Inflate and deflate Tug and stop Tug and let off gradually 
Lash and unlash Whip and unwhip Flutter and damp flutter 
Lift and drop Pull and relax Some and none 
Make and destroy Ingest and expel Blossom and wither 
Make less porous and then even less Strengthen and then more of same Weaken and then weaken more 
On and off Open and close Yes and no 
Open valve and close valve Open valve some and then open more Close valve some and then more closed 
Oscillate and damp oscillation Light and dark Bigger and smaller 
Pitch up, pitch down Pitch increase, pause.  Ptich decrease, pause 
Pulsing and stop pulsing Shorter and longer Left and right 
Push and pull One and none Two and zero 
Shunt and unshunt Lock it and unlock it Make porous and then more porous 
Tear and mend Up and down This way and that way 
Whip and unwhip Out and in Surround and pause 
Wick and dry Large and small Engage and disengage 
Wind and unwind Cycle, cycle again Cycle, reverse cycle 
Showing 22 items