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The ground generation unit for a spinning kite setThis collaborative website provides parts and construction information and also Open Source information you can use to                  Build Your Own              High Altitude                     Kite Generatormy next evolution in revolution

Semisub sea cone kite ring generator

first test of a torus spinner

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  • Rapid rope transfer Kite power coop work tries to carefully balance weight and power. Fast moving rope is more efficient at transferring power than electric cable or oil pipe at distances less than 5km. One of the most significant works to recognise the efficiency is by Leo Goldstein's AWE read his work at
    Posted 17 Sep 2013, 14:11 by Rod Read
  • AWEC 2013 successes Skybow was well received by both technical and media observers at AWEC2013. Christof Beaupoil presented a mindmap of AWE design space. Useful for investors or researchers looking at AWE possibilities. Password AWEC2013
    Posted 16 Sep 2013, 04:38 by Rod Read
  • Kite Power Coop at AWEC2013 Kite Power Coop will be represented at this years AWEC2013 in Berlin by Rod Read of Windswept and Interesting, Pierre Benhaiem of Flygenkite and also by Edoishi from Kitelabs and UTIL. Rod will demonstrate advantages of simple kite structure by flying a Roy Mueller skybow arch. The Skybow arch is considered the simplest AWE generator yet conceived. Pierre Benhaiem will demonstrate his Flygenkite system. BHWE (German Airborne Wind Energy Association) host the event. Pierre and Rod will also get a chance to show systems directly to the public and press at the event. Edoishi will be promoting and filming the new AWE documentary film along with Chase Honaker. The conference kicks off on Monday 9 Sept with AWE systems displays ...
    Posted 8 Sep 2013, 13:41 by Rod Read
  • Seagull pump definition now available for twin steerable cooperative kite arch set...or a seagull heart kite (terrible name)
    Posted 2 Sep 2013, 05:38 by Rod Read
  • K-Power excitement Kite Power Coop is delighted with the news that K-Power will be joining our ranks.K-Power bring a proven record in AWE business and new two-way power transmission designs.Everyone is getting excited.
    Posted 13 Aug 2013, 08:18 by Rod Read
  • workflow development Windswept and Interesting is busy developing a software to physical workflow. Thankfully, grasshopper and the open software environment are providing for this reality. Even on the small scale (Roddy's Loft) that W-and-I currently is.
    Posted 23 May 2013, 15:20 by Rod Read
  • Cooperative adventures The whole cooperative is currently excited as discoveries and performance test data are being reported from the Texas kite camp. Windswept and Interesting Limited would like to take this opportunity to thank Ed Sapir and all involved at Util, for the generous licensing terms which have enabled WaIL to better support it's role developing this site new logo, design, marketplace tools and user interactions will soon be available.
    Posted 10 May 2013, 04:46 by Roderick j Read
  • First comercial CCIP licensing granted Congratulations to Kitelab and UTIL for securing agreements on licensing the first ever Open Source Hardware AWE system.Everyone involved in kitepowercoop will be wishing the best of luck for this historic arrangement.Windswept and Interesting Ltd were not so lucky with their TSB research funding application.The feedback document has provided useful insight to government research funding process...Both documents can be made available here should you wish to read them.
    Posted 1 Apr 2013, 07:35 by Roderick j Read
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