Prep 2017 at Kismet Park :-)

Welcome to Prep 2017

This year we have three wonderful classrooms...

P.C Mrs Cassi Cunningham (Team Leader)
P.J Miss Jaclyn Watt
P.L Mrs Louisa Beckenham and Miss Louise Cashen

We aim to teach an inspiring and engaging curriculum that allows our students to thrive and become happy and well rounded Preppies! This site allows you to view weekly updates of each of the Prep classrooms. We look forward to showing you a fun glimpse into our day. 
Below is an overview of what Kismet Park Prep students are exposed to. To find your students class updates, simply click on the link for Prep C, Prep J or Prep L at the top of the page.

Our Reading sessions are generally run in the morning from 9-10 to maximise learning, thinking and engagement.
We begin each new week with a big book and a C.A.F.E (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expand Vocabulary) reading strategy. The big book is used for many things such as; modelling a new C.A.F.E strategy, linking ideas with our Inquiry unit of work, modelling reading behaviours and building a genuine love of reading. 
Prep students will then begin 'Read to Self'. This is also part of the C.A.F.E program and it focuses on building reading stamina and again increasing and sustaining a love of books and independent reading. Students select a comfortable spot in the classroom and read the books and wordlists inside their book boxes. 'Read to Self' begins slowly in Prep and we build our reading stamina until we reach about 15 minutes of quiet, independent reading. During this time, Prep teachers are busy conferring with students on a one to one basis thus being able to target independent goals for each student in the classroom. 
After 'Read to Self', students become active participants 'Daily 5' group activities. Each group has a focus i.e. 'Work on Writing', 'Word Work' and iPads where the students play interactive reading and spelling activities games. The final group is a teacher led group. Students work with the teacher on reading activities targeted at their level and depending on their reading goal. 
Finally students return to the floor and reflect on group work, or the weekly reading strategy.

Prep students practise writing every day. Writing sessions cover handwriting, spelling, grammar and of course different styles of writing such as recounts, narratives and descriptive texts. The students are taught the letters of the alphabet and the sound that each letter makes. Students practise writing on dotted thirds and learn the correct position of both upper and lower case letters using the cat analogy (head, tummy and tail). 
At the beginning of each week we draw a picture in our writing books with a whole class focus i.e. 'Weekend writing'. The following day we write a sentence to match our picture. As the year progresses, we add punctuation, more detail, length and we begin to edit our own writing. 
We use 'Colourful Semantics' to help us build strong, accurate sentences that include a 'who, what doing, where, when and why'. For example, 'Yesterday, Casey watched her brother Carl play football on the oval'.
We end the week with Finger Gym Fridays. This allows us to gain fine motor strength, teamwork and social skills. We learn to take turns, wait patiently, use an inside voice and to pack up and put away an activity when we finish.

Speaking and listening
Prep students learn to communicate in many ways throughout the week. One way is 'Show and Tell'. Each student is assigned a weekday, over a two week timeline and a topic to show items and talk about. Students work on listening to the speaker, raising their hand with questions and actively engaging themselves in classroom discussions in an appropriate manner.

Prep students engage in 5, one hour, mathematics sessions throughout the week. Each session comes under the following three headings...
  • Number i.e. place value, addition and subtraction
  • Measurement and Geometry i.e. 2D and 3D shapes, days of the week and months of the year
  • Statistics and Probability i.e. graphing, yes or no questions 

Our Inquiry units of work are embedded into just about everything we do...

Term One- Sharing and Caring

Term Two- Our Sustainable World

Homework and Home Reading
  • Students receive homework once a fortnight
  • They receive 'Magic Words' to practise reading and writing
  • A 'Take Home Reader' will go home on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday
  • All homework, notes and student work will be sent home in the RED BAG
  • The RED BAG is also used for Bank Books, parents notes and returned permission forms

Parent Helpers
We LOVE our parent helpers! They truly are the backbone of a Prep teachers classroom. Come and see your child's teacher if you would like to help out and we can supply you with more information on where to start! 
A big thank you to those parents who are already helping out or have helped out this year.