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AISA -Association of International Schools in Asia

Association of International Schools in Asia

AISA founding member schools

Korea International School (KIS), www.kis.or.kr  AD Mr. Bevo LaRue (AISA Chairman)

Senri Osaka International School (SOIS), www.senri.ed.jp AD Mr. Peter Heimer

Seoul International School (SIS), www.siskorea.org AD Mr. Ivan Atanaskovici 

Yokohama International School (YIS), www.yis.ac.jp AD Mr. Brinya Tananone 

Busan International Foreign School  New Member 2017-18

 AISA Philosophy

We believe in the development of each student through academic, athletic, artistic and cultural endeavors. AISA seeks to foster cooperation among its member schools by providing a forum for communication and discussion, by promoting and sponsoring activities and athletic events, and by seeking to serve as an extension of each member school’s program to enhance the development of the students, the schools, and the organization.

AISA Mission Statement

To help each other better achieve each of our members school’s mission statements and philosophies by enhancing current student activities and providing students with opportunities that would not otherwise be available.

AISA Goals

AISA sponsors activities in order to pursue the following goals:

  • to encourage socialization
  • to encourage intercultural cooperation
  • to develop a sense of fair play
  • to understand principles of group participation
  • to develop a sense of self-control and discipline
  • to understand the importance of participation to the best of one’s abilities
  • to offer the opportunity to broaden horizons through travel.

Homestay Rules

1.  Homestay students if leaving the home must be supervised by a student or parent.

2.  Parents should make every effort to transport the student to and from the school or event every day.

3.  The host must provide a bed, shower, and food for the guest. Students should not share a bed.

4.  An adult must be at home whenever the visiting students are at home.

5.  Host adults must make sure that all students are in the home for the night at 10:00pm curfew (unless otherwise directed by the tournament director).

6.  Host parents must provide the visiting coaches with a phone number at which they can be reached throughout the stay.

7.  Host families must not provide or offer any alcoholic beverages to the guests.

8.  At least one host parent should be at the school to receive the guests upon arrival. 

9.  Host families must make sure the students follow the schedule of the tournament.

10. Any problems with guests must be reported to the host AD and the students’ coach.

11. Families hosting visiting student participants are advised that guests may not participate in parties, dances or other group social activities without the knowledge and consent of the host school Athletic Director and the guests coach.

                                Association of International Schools in Asia

Events for 2018-19

Nov 8th-10th- AISA  AD meeting @ SOIS

Oct 11th- 14th     Cross Country @ SOIS

Volleyball Girls @ SIS

Volleyball Boys @ BIFS

Jan 24th-27th           Boys Basketball @ YIS 

        Girls Basketball @ SOIS 

        Math/Leadership @ SIS

April 11th-14th         Girls Soccer @ KIS 

 Boys Soccer @ YIS            

May 9th-11th-           AISA -AD/Heads meeting @ BIFS

Bevo LaRue,
May 24, 2018, 10:52 PM