Wave addition simulator

WaveAdd HTML5 physics simulation
A free simulation that adds two waves (longitudinal or transverse... sine, square, or triangle) and shows their sum.

  The download link is at the bottom of this page.  

Each wave's frequency, wavelength, speed, amplitude, shape, and orientation can be changed on the fly.

Easily show superposition, beats, and standing waves. 
Constantly updated values for x position, y position, velocity, and acceleration describe each wave, and their sum. 

Unit circles show the formation of transverse sine waves. If there are two such waves, their phase angle can be shown. 

The simulation can be slowed or stopped, and the waves can be merged.

There are presets that allow teachers to quickly show constructive/destructive interference, beats, and standing waves.
This simulation opens in all recent popular computer browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Explorer, Opera) and Chromebooks .

  How to view in a Chromebook:
1. Save the file to your Chromebook. Remember to use the .html file extension. e.g. WaveAdd.html
2. Open files app (icon is currently the blue circle with white folder in it)
3. Hover over file with mouse pointer
4 Press “ALT” key and then click. (This enables you to perform a right mouse click.)
5. From the little menu that pops up select “Open with…”
6. Then select “View”
I've spent years waving my arms around trying to explain beats, standing waves etc, and felt that some extra help was needed, and so wrote this simulation. I hope that it helps your teaching too.

The desktop version of this simulation is free, has no advertisements, obligations or cookies.

Available for iPhones and iPads: 
     Search for 'WaveAdd' in the Apple App Store: $0.99
     (Android Store... after October 2018).

Download the desktop version here:

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