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Tree Felling and Maintenance at St Luke's

posted 13 Jan 2020, 07:51 by Peter Cadwallader
Please see below information received by the Parish Council on planned Tree Work at St Luke's.

Dear Councillor Combellack and Ms Xxxx,

I was contacted by a member of the public this morning who asked me to make a Tree Preservation Order to prevent planned tree felling at Kinoulton Church which is due to take place on Monday. Since then I have visited the site and discussed the work with the tree surgeon who will be carrying it out and have concluded that a TPO is not appropriate at the current time.

There are 4 trees along the eastern boundary of the Church. The tree closest to the front will be retained and target pruned to clear the phone lines and remove dead or damaged branches. I think the retention of this tree is positive as it is the best quality tree in the row and the most prominent. If it had been scheduled to be felled it would have justified protection.

The second tree is a large Chestnut, this is due to be felled. I have considered whether we should protect this tree or not. It has high public amenity value, but the tree surgeon confirmed my own thoughts about its structure which is quite poor due to a number of lost limbs and large pruning wounds. Chestnuts have a soft wood that is weak to decay and they shed limbs quite readily once decay sets in.  

The third tree is a Sycamore that has been partially ring barked by past removal of Ivy. The tree is in decline and with it being set back from the road it doesn’t justify protection.

The fourth tree is a coppiced Chestnut, it is a poor specimen that doesn’t justify protection.

I understand that the diocese inspector condemned the trees a number of years ago. I appreciate that our decision not to protect the trees will be a disappointment, but what struck me was that all the trees on this site appear to be fully mature and what will be needed in the coming years is a programme of replacement/succession planting to ensure there are some young trees that can take their place. Perhaps the felling offers the chance to start this process.

Tom Pettit
Design and Landscape Officer
Property Services
Rushcliffe Borough Council
Tel: 0115 9148 558