KINO KABARET - 29th June - 4th July


Make sure you book your spot with us today. Download our application form at the bottom of this page.

All applications must be received by 22nd June 2009!

Participants team-up to write, shoot and edit short films during 3 x 48-hour sessions. Each session ends with a screening and a party in honor of the participants.


Kino Kabaret is open to participants 18 years of age and over, of all backgrounds, abilities, skills and experience.
There is a non-refundable $15 participation fee per 48-hour session, to be paid in cash when you hand in your application or paid by direct deposit (see app. form for details). All participants get free entry to their screening (normally $15).

If you are interested in taking part, please fill in the application form thoroughly and email it back to us asap.


Once a year, Kino Sydney runs a special edition event called Kino Kabaret. Taking place over 6 days, the Kabaret is a creative filmmaking marathon. Participants are given access to the KINO LAB, a space fully kitted out with cameras, editing stations and filmmaking equipment. Instead of a whole month, they are given only 48 hours to make films.

Each 48-hour session culminates in a screening and party, during which the results of this thrilling experiment are presented to an appreciative audience. Sign up for one, two or all three 48-hour sessions!

Day 1: 10 am - rock up to the production meeting: come with an idea or listen to what's on offer, come with a team or join one on the day, volunteer your skills or learn some new ones. Once you've picked a project and booked your equipment, the Kino Lab and the entire city are yours to play with.
Day 2: 6:30 pm - you're nervously eyeing the computer screen... your film is still exporting to DVD and meanwhile fist drinks are being consumed as the screening gets into gear: will you make it in time?
Day 3: you haven't slept, you're hungover, but you have a great idea, you tear yourself out of bed, call in sick and run down to the next session's production meeting for another go...

What makes Kino Kabaret special is its mix of participants: amateurs mix with award-winners, artists mix with technicians, and locals mix with international participants. Participants from Kino chapters around the world are invited to participate. These established filmmakers mentor local teams and infuse the sessions with their own unique perspectives, skills and culture.


Past events:
  • Kino Kabaret (special guests: Canada) - December 2006
  • Kino Kabaret (special guests: Canada) - December 2007
  • Kino Kabaret (special guests: UK) - July 2008
Upcoming events:
  • Kino Kabaret - June 29 - July 4 2009
To be kept in the loop regarding our monthly Kino nights and future Kabarets, join our group on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or keep checking this website.


There are places reserved for people with a disability. People with a disability applying to take part in Kino Kabaret benefit from free registration and can request access services to facilitate their participation. Please download the form "ACCESSIBLE KINO KABARET 2009" at the bottom of this page, and return it to us before 22nd June.


The global Kino network welcomes international participants to all its Kabarets. It's a great way to travel and meet likeminded filmmakers...

Kino Kabaret Vienna: 5-13 May 2009
Kino Kabaret Montreal: 8-17 October 2009

For more info visit the Kino HQ in Montreal.

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