I am doing this research for my own career advancement and understanding.  I have a real passion for understanding "cloud computing", what it is and where its going. 

I am very open to sharing a large portion of my research, however some of it I feel shouldn't be shared at large because of potential security implications it may have to specific companies or our infrastructure at large.  With this in mind I keep some of it locked down behind the scenes.

When you come across a document that is not shared, I will note this.  Sometimes I am open to just sharing as long as I know who you are, or I will be willing to sell specific case studies, white papers or other research information..

Also if you would like to sponsor research in a certain area feel free to contact me directly. 

I am open to giving you access to all my research for the right purposes and sponsorship.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions:  info@kinlane.com