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Cloud computing fascinates me.  I find endless ways it can be explored.   This site represents my exploration of it.

Excuse the crude site, but because it is my research I don't have time or budget to really put energy into a whole production!

However it is also an experiment in seeing what the Google Platform can do as a Cloud Platform and provide a small business or a projects with the necessary tools.  (if they had more UI control it would look prettier)

With all the tools available to me through Google and with a little JavaScript I should be able to record my research without having to spend time building a custom site.

I am excited about the opportunities ahead of us with cloud computing,  I do not have a college degree because I have spent my adult life working hard in the areas of database, web application development, online marketing, social media marketing and infrastructure development. 

Primary Areas of Research:
I feel like technology moves so fast, and every time I begin the process of going back to school I get worried I will get left behind.

So welcome to my school.  This is what I do to push my understanding forward.

Feel free to contact me about getting involved - info@kinlane.com