Traveling History Show

Welcome to History the Right Way. Our intention is to bridge the gap between upper school and lower school, through the wonder of learning about exploration. The students participated in a fun and unique educational experience that included learning about these great European explorers: Hernando Cortes, Christopher Columbus, Jacques Cartier, Francisco Pizarro, Ponce de Leon, Rene-Robert de La Salle, and Vasco Nuñez de Balboa. Each class has a specific page which includes what they were doing each day, along with some pictures. In addition to each class page, there is also a video page which shows what happened each day, along with two of the groups final projects. 

Now it is time to introduce the group of people who worked behind the scenes to put this entire website together. From left to right: Collins Orr, George Barrow, Trevin Kurtanich, Lilly Morgan, Selim Baysal, and Brenda Ruiz. 


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