Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot


Every year in Britain ,we have fireworks and a bonfire.We have fireworks in Britain because Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the opening ceremony,off Parliament.   

How the plot started

Guy Fawkes and some men tried to make a tunnel,but instead they found a cellar.They put thirty-six barrels with gunpowder in the cellar so James vi,the king would explode.

What were they going to do?

They were going to explode James vi and the people in the ceremony because they didn't like the Catholics. 

How Guy Fawkes came to be captured

Francis Tresham wrote a letter to his brother-in-law.It did get to his brother-in-law,but he was surprised,why he couldn't go to the important opening ceremony.He told the king.The king,James vi was furious and sent out his soldiers to search the buildings.They found Guy Fawkes and the others of his team.They found Guy Fawkes in the cellar, of course and found the other later.They cut off their heads and them.           


Guy Fawkes,the member of the gang who was found in cellar first.

Francis Tresham,the one who wrote the letter.   

Catholics,people who belong to the Roman Catholic church.

James vi,1st king James of England and the 6th king James of Scotland.

opening ceremony,when the king opens the Parliament.

Parliament,the group of people who make the laws of a England.

gunpowder,black powder that explodes.