King's College 
1:1 Chromebook Implementation
Chromebook Procedures and Information for Pupils and Parents

The mission of the 1:1 program in King's College is to help propel our personalised learning initiatives and establish the foundation for a seamless program that supports individualised instruction in our classrooms. It supports any-time access to on-line resources for learning by providing portable devices for each pupil in Secondary for use at school and at home. This ensures that pupils can access educational resources throughout the school day. Every pupil has a device that provides real-time data to a reporting dashboard providing an interactive interface for pupils where they can access tools and resources, post their current work, track their progress, and interact with teachers and other pupils around their projects.

King's College prepares pupils for an ever-changing world that sees technological advancements happening at a rapid rate and is committed to preparing pupils for whatever path they choose after school. King's College is implementing the 1:1 device initiative to further personalise the way each pupil uses time, receives support to master essential skills, and deepens understanding of content.

Our overall vision is that every pupil in Secondary should be able to access a digital device on a 1:1 basis both at school and at home with proper safety.

We have been testing Chromebooks during the last academic year and they have proven to be a valuable learning tool.  According to Google's own description, 'The Chromebook is a new computer from Google for getting stuff done in and out of the classroom. It's simple and secure, and has access to the web and apps built-in so pupils and teachers can work and learn right out of the box.' While the devices are often mistaken for laptops because of their appearance, Google adds, 'They run Chrome OS, an operating system that has multiple layers of security, built-in cloud storage, and the most popular Google products for education built-in'. The Chromebook requires minimal support an are lightweight and fast.