How To Enrol

Children can be enrolled at any time but will only enter the classroom on the day following the enrolment as long as the child is at school before 8.45 am.  This gives time to find the most suitable classroom placement for your child.

Term enrolment mornings - 9.30 am - 12.30 am

Your child must have :

  • a birth certificate
  • a valid passport showing that the child is eligible to enrol if they were not born in NZ, Australia, Cook Is, Niue, Tokelau
  • Parent's passport showing that a child is able to to enrol in a NZ school
  • if a new entrant - a certificate recording the injections a child has had.

The school notes whether a child has had preschool education and the Iwi to which  a child belongs, if Maori.

We do not have a Dental Service at the school.  Please ring the school office for the address and phone number of the closest Dental Service.

Ms Hawkins and /or Mrs Barlow will help you on arrival.

Please remember that children must now live in the school zone to be enrolled.  An application can be made to the Board of Trustees

The school zone is as follows:

All the area bounded by Buckland Road, Massey road, Portage Road and the Motorway.  It also includes Tidal Road (Aorere College end) down to and including Gee Place.

There are no major roads to cross