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Luo Laoshi arrived in China in February of 2003.
His first teaching assignment took him to HongHu in Hubei, where he taught at HongHu No.1 Senior Middle School for 2 years.
After Spring Festival 2005, he commenced teaching in Wuhan for Hubei Guangbo Dianshi Daxue at LvXiang in WuChang.
After Spring Festival 2007, he commenced teaching at the SuZhou Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture in Jiangsu Province.
In September 2008, he started teaching at the YanCheng Teachers College in Jiangsu.
During this time he has taught:
  • Pure English Majors
  • Business English Majors
  • International Trade Majors.
  • Tourism Majors
Throughout these years, Luo Laoshi has become grounded in 'ordinary' Chinese people and their lifestyle and cultural thinking, through his familial and personal connections. He is a regular house guest in a village of 300 persons in HongHu, and did for one year, share his home with three Chinese students. 
These activities have given him a greater understanding of Chinese young people than most foreigners are capable of. His knowledge of Chinese people and their worldviews enables him to continually 'improve' his teaching style as well as the quality of his teaching, and to provide students with tangible improvement in their Oral and Written abilities.
Although his initial intention in coming to China was merely to 'waste' one year of his life; his experiences in HongHu, his intimate friendships with Students and Locals; the realisation that students wanted and needed 'real stimulation', and the personal satisfaction of seeing students 'break through' the language barrier because of that stimulation; resulted in his decision to remain in China.
Having left his native country and his family far behind him, he long ago made the decision to devote his life (for as long as the government allows) to broadening student's horizons and potential, and doing his utmost to assist them to achieve worthwhile employment within the English Language sector.
As of June 2009, Luo Laoshi is involved in establishing a new private language school in Baotou Inner Mongolia.
Baotou Inner Mongolia
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