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How to join BeanChat

1) Join Twitter at

2) Browse to:

3) Click the Close Ad link at the top of the page and clear out the Tweet: field

4) Enter your Twitter userid followed by: #beanchat in the third search column and click on the Search button. For example: KFMicah #beanchat

5) Fill in twitter userid in the User: field and your twitter password in the Pass: field.

You are now ready to participate in BeanChat. Enter your tweets in the Tweet: field. The #beanchat hashtag will automatically be added for you.

In the left most column you will see all tweets containing the #beanchat hashtag. In the middle column, you will see all of the #beanchat tweets from the moderator. In the right most column, you will see all of your own tweets containing the #beanchat hashtag.

Advanced Usage:

Using the instructions above, you will see all of the #beanchat tweets going back as far as Twitter keeps active (currently about 2 weeks worth). The newest tweets will always appear at the top.

You can set TweetGrid to only show tweets since a certain date.

Add a search term in each column using the following format:


For instance, if you only wanted to see tweets on or after September 29th, 2009, you would add the following to each column:


NOTE: You must click the Search button in each column after you update the search field.

On the screenshot below, The searches are:

#beanchat since:2009-09-29
Gevalia #beanchat since:2009-09-29
KFMicah #beanchat since:2009-09-29