Staying safe online…..Do you know what your child is doing online?

“My child doesn’t do that.”     “I had no idea my child’s phone had that capability.”      “I don’t know anything about technology.”       “I have no idea how to check up on my child’s social media profiles.”     “My child has made a fake profile so that I couldn’t find it.”      “My child doesn’t have a smartphone, so how are they on social media?”

These are all comments and questions from parents after being informed that their child was involved in a negative incident online or using technology. It is true that a growing number of students have access to technology both inside and outside of school, and there is a growing number of social media sites that are available and free to your student.

Because of this explosion of social media options, students are more connected now than ever before. With that increased connection, it is likely that your child knows someone that has been or is being bullied online, has been bullied him/herself, or even has been a part of the bullying. By informing parents about ways that students bully and harass others online, we hope to curb some of the issues that tend to come to light at school.

As a new, regular feature  in the Gator News, Computer Teacher Aimee Froze and PSL Officer Brandon Stahmann will highlight one popular social media site with the intent of showing how the site is used by students, and how it can be used to negatively impact others. We hope that these updates will help you as the parent to keep on top of what your student might be doing while they are spending all that time on their device.

On November 12th and 13th, 2014, Aimee Froze and Officer Stahmann presented "Do You Know What Your Child is Doing Online?" to the parents of JRG. Here is the link to their presentation:

Do you have any questions or concerns? Ideas for topics that you’d like more information about? Feel free to contact Aimee Froze at or Officer Stahmann at