KASD Department of Music Mission Statement
"The purpose of the music department of the Kimberly Area Schools is to provide quality music opportunities for all students through a balanced, comprehensive, and sequential music curriculum with defined content and achievement standards at all levels. taught by qualified music teachers."

KHS Department of Music- Philosophy
The Kimberly High School band and choirs will be active organizations that require dedication, proper attitudes, self-discipline and musical growth in order to achieve the highest standards of a successful program. Each student is expected to fulfill the necessary requirements to the best of his/her abilities. Anything less than full potential is denying yourself, your peers, and the entire group of complete success.

KASD Department of Music Goals
Through music, students will.....

....realize intellectual growth as they discover and develop their individual skills, talents and interests.
....develop aesthetic sensitivity
....enhance self esteem through positive experiences
....develop cultural literacy and awareness
....develop skill of active and responsible participation in the world community
....experience and understand how music relates to other disciplines

Rehearsal Procedure
1. Come to class with a pencil (NOT A PEN) to be used in marking music.
2. Two minutes after the bell, be in your assigned place with folders/equipment ready. Tardies will be reported to the office and will result in minus (demerit) points.
3. Attendance will be taken and recorded each day. Your attendance is vital since rehearsal time cannot be made up. See Grading section.
5. Always read the announcements on the markerboard first.
6. Good posture is absolutely required.
7. Raise your hand to be recognized for permission to speak
8. Be courteous, and respectful of the others and their property.
9. Give your very best effort at all times.
10. Warm-ups are necessary and will be done at the beginning of class.
11. Section leaders are to be respected at all times.
12. Properly clean and put equipment and music away after rehearsal.
13. Stay in the room until you are excused.
14. Individual Responsibility points will lost if students neglect to put their folders/instrument away.
15. Jazz Band and Auxiliary Choir rehearsal are closed to all other students.
16. Unless required for a specific class-related activity, CELL PHONE USE is prohibited during rehearsals. Phones should be out of reach and sight while class is in progress. Violators of this policy may retrieve their phones from the Dean of Students at the end of the school day.

Classroom Etiquette
1. Music students only are allowed in the band/choir rooms.
2. Students must present the master lesson schedule to their teachers as their pass out of class.
3. Weekly lessons must be taken at assigned time; make-up lessons are the responsibility of the student.
4. Practice rooms are for practicing, not 
5. Stereo equipment may be used only with permission.
6. The computer/printer may be used only with permission.
7. The phones are not for student use.
8. Use your study time wisely.
9. Do not handle any equipment that is not your responsibility.
10. Take proper care of the facility and equipment.

Responsibility points will be lost when any of the above guidelines are violated.

Band members are to provide: a pair of solid black laced dress shoes with black soles (no visible labels, logos, or reflective surfaces), solid black calf-length socks, and a solid white short sleeved v-neck t-shirt (NO PRINTING/LOGOS) to be worn under the uniform. It is also expected that all jewelry be removed and that students not wear makeup, face paint, or hair dye. Students without the designated uniform parts will receive a reduction in their grade for that performance. The rest of the uniform which includes coat, pants, suspenders, hat, plume, gloves, garment bag, and hanger will be issued. Uniforms are stored at school. ALTERATIONS ARE HANDLED BY THE UNIFORM COMMITTEE. Our uniforms were purchased in December of 1992 and we continue to purchase additional uniforms as needed. The cost per uniform is now $500.00. Please take special care of the uniform at all times. Students will be held financially responsible for any part of the uniform that is soiled, damaged, or lost.

The dress code for concert performances will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply with performance dress expectations will result in a grade reduction and/or removal from the performance.

Music Council
The purpose of the Music Council is to aid the directors in the organization and management of the bands and choirs. The executive officers (president, vice-president/historian, secretary, treasurer, and class representatives) are elected by each group in May. A representative from each grade will be represented and will serve with executive officers. The Drum Major and Asst. Drum Major are appointed positions and are members of the council. Council members must be willing to give some extra time to the leadership of the band.

Section Leaders
Section leaders are selected by the director based on their musicianship and leadership. These individuals are very important to the group and ware directly responsible for the quality of the band/choir. Responsibilities include: distributing and collecting music, leading sectional rehearsals, making copies of music as needed, helping individuals perfect their music, keeping their section on task during rehearsal, making sure all equipment/music is put away daily and encouraging student to grow musically through lessons, solos and ensembles.

Jazz Band/ Wespenmusikanten
These auditioned/selected students represent Kimberly High School as members of an honors group of the music department. The major purpose of these ensembles is to provide students with valuable educational experiences through instruction, learning, growing and performing. Jazz Band and polka band students must maintain a 2.5 academic grade point average for the year. It is expected that students display complete commitment to these exceptional performing organizations.

Fundraising Information
Students are provided several opportunities each year to raise money for their individual accounts to help offset the expenses incurred for music department trips. Any amount left in a student's account when they are no longer a member of the organization is transferred into the band's general activity fund and is NON-REFUNDABLE! (Money may be transferred to a sibling in band upon graduation upon request.) All down payments/installments for trips are NON-REFUNDABLE! Profits from group fund raisers, such as bake sales, car washes, etc., will go into the general activity fund to be used for special presentations, group activities, transportation, refreshments, and miscellany. In accordance with school policy, 20% of student profits earned through department fundraising will automatically go into the band activity fund.

The music portfolio is a recorded assessment of the progress of the student. Samples of the student's work from concerts, solos and ensemble as well as written assessments and accomplishments will be kept on file through graduation. In addition to being a valuable assessment tool, the student will have a wonderful collection of musical memories. Compact Disc recordings of concerts, programs, pictures, news articles, commendation letters, etc. are all included in the portfolio.

Solo & Ensemble
Solo preparation will be our primary focus during the 2nd quarter. All students will be required to prepare a solo to be performed in January. Band students are required to purchase their own ORIGINAL copy of the solo they are performing. The school will supply the judge's copy.

Solos are selected from a state-approved list which is divided into three levels of difficulty. Soloists who earn a I or II in January are eligible for the District Music Festival in March. Students earning a III shall be moved one class lower . Solo & Ensemble makes up a substantial part of the third quarter grade.

Medals will be supplied by the school for your required solo event and required large ensemble events. You may purchase medals for any additional events in which you choose to perform (duets, trios, additional solo, etc.). Registration and accompanist fees will apply only for additional (non-required) events.

Pep Band
The band's greatest public exposure occurs at the home football and basketball games and tournaments. People from all over the valley hear the band perform. This is where the reputation of the KHS band is established. Therefore, it is important that we sound our best, look our best, and act our best.

Students will be assigned to the RED or the WHITE pep band for basketball season. (The full band performs for the football season.) It is an expectation that students attend the games they are assigned. In the event a student must miss a game, it is their responsibility to find a sub (on the SAME instrument) to cover for them. Given adequate notice, employers will generally accommodate your requests for having these days off. Even though you may be involved in another activity at a game or pep rally, you will still be able to participate in pep band. Pep rallies during the school day are required.

Attendance at games is the easiest way for students to earn the required amount of elective points each quarter and counts toward the band letter. Poor participation, tardies, and improper uniform/behavior will will result in point deductions. Points not earned for missing games or as the result of point deductions may be made up through additional elective point opportunities.

Student Awards
Band Letter "K"
The Band Letter is earned by accumulating points throughout the course of the school year. The lettering system takes into account quality participation in all facets of the band program including solo and ensemble participation, your quarterly grades, pep and marching band performances, honor groups, and additional musical activities you are involved in during the school year. It recognizes superior musicianship and outstanding dedication and service to the band program beyond meeting class requirements. Click here to view the lettering requirements. Letter recipients are recognized at the spring concert.

Music Festival Medals
Students are awarded for participation in the District and State Solo & Ensemble Festivals. District and State awards are presented at the end of the school year.

Senior Service Awards
Service guards are awarded to band and choir seniors who have helped with the many extras that always need doing.

John Philip Sousa Band Award
The John Philip Sousa award is presented to a senior band member as voted on by the entire band. It is based on leadership, dependability, loyalty, cooperation, and contribution to the entire KHS band program. The presentation is made at the Spring Concert/Music Awards Night.

Semper Fidelis Award
This Award is presented by the United States Marine Corps to the outstanding senior band student who has best exemplified the Marine's motto "Always Faithful" in his or her commitment to the band program. The student is nominated by the band director. The award is presented at the Senior Awards Ceremony

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
This Award is presented to a senior jazz band member and is based on achievement, musicianship and creativity and contribution to the jazz program at KHS. The recipient is selected by a vote of the Jazz Band members. This award is presented at the Spring Concert/Music Awards Night.

Sherry Schoen Scholarship

This is a $750 scholarship awarded to a senior band member on behalf of the Gib Schoen Family. Selection is based on a written application and a personal interview. The presentation is made during the Senior Awards Ceremony.

Grading Policy
Grades will be based on a point accumulation. A student will earn points towards the quarter grade through rehearsal, required performances, assignments, pep band performances, electives, appropriate uniform, and cooperation. All work must be satisfactorily completed to earn a grade.

A+ = 97-100%,  A = 93-96%,  A- = 90-92%

B+ = 87-89%,  B = 83-86%,  B- = 80-82%

C+ = 77-79%,  C = 73-76%

D = 65-72%

F = 0-64%

Attendance policies for class and lessons:
Unexcused absence (Class) = minus 4 points
Unexcused absence (Lesson)= 0 for lesson grade, can be made up for 1/2 credit within one week.
Tardy (Class) minus 4 points
Click HERE to view performance Calendar.

Required Activities
Students will be excused from a required activity for serious illness/circumstances if the director is notified prior to the performance. Requests to be excused for any other reason must be made in writing two weeks in advance of the performance and will be considered by the administration and director. For an excused absence the student will earn half credit. A make-up project will be assigned.

Quality of Assignments and Lesson
Each student is to sign up for a weekly lesson time. Playing or written assignments are assigned weekly. Your responsibilities for each week will be listed on the quarterly grading sheet. Students should not assume that they will receive 10 points just for showing up for their lesson. Full points will only be awarded for exceptional, well prepared work.

If you must miss your assigned lesson time (i.e. test in your class), the expectation is for you to plan ahead and trade lesson times with another lesson time that week. This may be on the same or a different day. Instructors will NOT coordinate lesson trades. Lesson schedules are posted on the website and in the band hallway to help you facilitate lesson trades.

You will have ONE WEEK from the time of an EXCUSED absence from a lesson (you are absent from school that day) to make it up for full credit.  UNEXCUSED LESSONS may be made up for HALF CREDIT if made up within ONE WEEK of the absence. The Responsibility Incentive Points (10 points each quarter) will also be forfeited; however, you may earn additional elective points to recoup them.) ANY lesson not made up within one week’s time will result in a zero for that lesson. Students will only be allowed to make up two UNEXCUSED lessons per quarter.        

IMPORTANT!  ALL assigned work must be satisfactorily completed each quarter to earn a passing grade

Elective Points
A predetermined amount of elective points are REQUIRED each grading period. Student who take advantage of the many varied musical opportunities offered will experience music to a much greater degree of satisfaction. Most members will become involved in a number of activities besides the regular class and required activities. Points earned over and above this amount will be extra credit (see the quarterly grading sheets). Opportunities include: extra lessons, auditions, ensembles. honor groups, computer labs, games, attending approved concerts, unassigned pep band events, accompanying or tutoring, private lessons, Community Band, etc. To view a complete list of elective opportunities CLICK HERE

Quality of Participation: Cooperation and Effort
A student's attention and cooperation are important to their learning and to those around them. Listening, following directions, having the proper equipment, care of issued equipment and uniforms, following band and school policies, and showing consideration for others are expected of band members at all times. Student grades will be commensurate with and will reflect the quality of participation.