Welcome to the official KIGA website

Korea Internet Governance Alliance (henceforth KIGA) is a private organization based in South Korea. We systematically deal with issues of the internet governance within the country and Asia Pacific region, but not limited to these.

The Internet governance issues are under active discussion at country level and international level, as the technology has drastically changed the ways that politics, economy, society and culture are practiced and thus redefined. However, as there are pressing concerns over this fast-changing social order, the whole world is now actively discussing the Internet related issues to find an appropriate management system for the 5th territory of the human society, the Internet. The organizations which are involved in the discussions include each national government, ITU (International Telecommunication Union), ICANN (The Internet cooperation for Assigned Names and Numbers) but also include the wide variety of voices from the civil society. 

As a representative of the Korean society, KIGA tries to draw attention from domestic industry, academia, civic groups and government in order to pay more attention to the internet governance. KIGA also tries to seek plans to enhance status of Korea in IG discussions happening around the world. For this, KIGA has closely worked with domestic and overseas organizations and has led continuous participation and discussions in order to respond to the requests from the international Internet governance communities.

The website will show our past and recent activities. For example, the documents archived in the document section present the domestic and international internet governance issues, agenda of international conference and meeting results. We wish this information will be helpful to any individual who is interested in the internet governance. I wish that the person concerned pays more attention and participates in internet governance.

If you want to share your information and data on the related issues and would like to participate in the regional and international Internet Governance activities, please feel free to contact us. KIGA is always open to your participation.

Lee Dong-man
Chair, Korea Internet Governance Alliance
Professor, KAIST University


17th Fl. IT Venture Tower. 135 Joondae Ro Songpa Gu Seoul