The KIGA, Korea Internet Governance Alliance, is a coalition of private and public sector that brings more stakeholders together to participate in the dialogue on Internet. We are a platform, premised on the observation that Internet expands its ramifications to politics, economy, society and our future life forms.
  We are open to members of civil society, Internet industry, developers and engineers, academic scholars, government officials and public institutions who are interested in issues and challenges facing Internet governance. In this light, KIGA hosts annual Kr-IGF( where diverse multi-stakeholders have the opportunity to ask questions, make comments, or offer suggestions about Internet related public policy issues.

Our mode is a nonprofit coalition where the multistakeholderism is expressed through the organizational structures. We advocate for a multi-stakeholder approach to Internet governance that is inclusive consensus-based, transparent and accountable. Thus, we keep a consensus based decision-making process that diverse standpoints of stakeholders are being currently discussed or deliberated.
  The purport of KIGA is different from the Internet Address Policy Deliberation Committee (IAPDC) that shall be established under Ministry of Science and ICT by Internet Address Resources Act .While the IAPDC represents an authority under government control in managing Internet address resource, we are a part of efforts to seek an alternative model of it. We pose a multi-stakeholder governance model of Internet resources in South Korea in the wake of IANA stewardship transition to ICANN in the U.S. as of September 2016. We support the multistakeholder model and the openness of the Internet.

We share the ongoing discussions about Internet governance at a national and international level, review the most pressing issues today, and cooperate with international and regional activities.
  We built global networks by organizing domestic events, and attending international conferences. In this way, we continuously work with overseas partners including ICANN, APNIC, JPNIC and UN Internet Governance Forum to respond to the emerging issues.
  This website releases a series of minutes of KIGA’s plenary session as well as its subcommittee meetings which are held in on a bimonthly and monthly basis respectively. We encourage your engagement and welcome your participation in the near future.

Address: 2F, 46 of Seolleung-ro 112-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Telephone: +82-2-3446-5934