Sugar and Energy Drinks

Puffery serves up an exaggerated image of what is being described and can be found in all energy drinks and processed foods

We deliver our programs in a educational and fun experience that lifts the lid on Sugar and Energy Drinks.   The instant 'lift' we get from sugar is one of the reasons we turn to it at times of celebration or when we crave comfort and reward. However, even those of us without a sweet tooth may be eating more than we realise because so many everyday, processed foods, from cereals and bread to pasta sauce and soups all contain excess sugar.

We cater to Primary Schools,  Colleges, Intermediate and Secondary Schools tailoring our messages to suit all age groups, with younger classes focusing on fun and getting involved, older children discussing what is in our food, McDonald's, energy drinks, sugar and healthy food options.

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The problem is that many processed foods have added sugar which supplies energy in the form of calories - and very little else of any nutritional value.