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Lindisfarne College is back for thirds

posted Oct 14, 2015, 12:29 AM by Chris Fortune
This was our third visit to Lindisfarne College and it just keeps on getting better and better with lots of thumbs up from all of the students

One of the best things about Lindisfarne College and Frimley School … the fact that there were so many good manners, so many good taste testers as they all came up and gave it a go on the Kids Can Cook Kitchen.

.the Kids Can Cook Kitchen is all about giving it a go, trying something that you have never tried before, getting up and tasting something just a little bit different…..well done to all of my taste testers, well done to all

The Kids Can Cook Kitchen found the best tasters in New Zealand at Lindisfarne College and Frimley School……. There was no shortage of good manners, respect, politeness and mana as these boys and girls gave it a go on the Kids Can Cook Kitchen

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