Q & A about us

What programs do you offer ?  We are happy to offer programs that compliment your current teachings and also programs that sow seeds  - examples include 

"Puffery on the Side please" - Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the world – why, what and how ? We look at Puffery which serves up an exaggerated image of what is being described and can be found in all energy drinks and processed foods -

"Supa Foods for your super Teens" a parent afternoon or evening cooking class designed for busy working Mums and Dads. We are offering Free Cooking Class for all bookings

"What’s on your Plate"   We look at what food choices are grown locally and what is available to  students and their families for consumption, as well as the impact that this has on them, their community and globally.   We focus on French food and NZ Kai

"You are what you eat "  While our continued focus is on school or home gardens we add value to what we taught in our first visit with the focus on  sugar and energy into and out of the body, what is starch, what are carbs and how do we get the most out of the foods that we put into our bodies.  We focus on Italian food as well as Energy Drinks and Type 2 Diabetes 

What do we have to provide for the Kids Can Cook Kitchen visit ?
Nothing except for smiling kids !   We bring everything with us including ingredients, recipes, equipment and resources.  We have our own Kitchen benches and we only need a 3 meter square place to set up.  We are happy to use Outdoor areas, Schools Halls, Classrooms or Theater areas.  If you have a Kitchen facility we are more than happy to use this as well

How many students can you cater to ?
We specialise in the whole school approach from 10 students to 700 - We can cater up to 70 in each session with 5-6 sessions per day depending on your school bell times. 

What is the length of each session ?
Each session is tailored to your normal timetable and is usually 45, 60 or 100 mins long and we are happy to amend to suit your situation

Can we invite media or press to attend the Kids Can Cook Kitchen ?
Yes they can and we encourage your school to highlight the talents that your teenagers have

What does it cost to have a visit from the Kids Can Cook Kitchen ?
Every school is different and we are happy to quote your school for a 1/2 day visit, 1 day visit or 2 day visit.  It all depends on how many students you wish to participate