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Truth about kids' fast food:

posted Sep 19, 2015, 6:38 PM by Chris Fortune

McDonald's milkshakes with more sugar than a seven year old should have in a day, a Wagamama kids meal with high fat and a Pizza Express offering with half a child's daily salt intake are among the findings of our survey

Most meals for kids from fast food outlets and restaurants are "high in fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt which encourage kids to favour sweeter, fattier and saltier foods" an investigation has found.

Research into fast food menus for kids by Mirror Online and examined by the British Dietetic Association has found high sugar, salt and fat across some of Britain's most well known food chains.

A kids burger meal from KFC has total fat content of 26g - almost 50% of a childs' recommended fat intake.

One pizza from Pizza Express contains contains almost half the amount of salt a child should have in an entire day.

In Nando's a frozen yoghurt for kids has two thirds of the recommended amount of sugar for a child.

A small milkshake from McDonald's alone provides almost more sugar than a seven-year old should have in a whole day.

The Kids Veggie Burger from Burger King – consisting of a veggie bean patty, tomato ketchup and a sesame seed bun has 7.6g of sugar - almost two teaspoons.

The hit of sugar in the innocuous sounding burger is among the findings in a Mirror Online investigation into how healthy fast food meals for children are.