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A Coop is in our Future!

    One wonderful aspect of our school is the value we give to student voice.  An idea sparked from a group of students at the Vermont Rural Partnership (VRP) Fall Meeting.  This group thought it would be beneficial for our school to have a chicken coop.  They were excited about the possibility of caring for the hens, designing the coop, feeding compost to the chickens, and having something at our school that other schools do not. Their ideas fit perfectly with the mission of the VRP and we have recently been awarded $2000 grant from VRP to fund this project.

    A large student group representing all grade levels, called the Chicken Coop Group, meets weekly to plan and  implement this idea. To date each class has done research and selected the breed of chicken that will represent them in our coop.  We have breeds ranging from the Transylvania Naked Neck to the Speckled Sussex to the Silkie Chicken.  Murray McMurray Hatchery has graciously offered to donate the chicks for our project and we have a delivery scheduled for the week we return from April vacation.  Dana Young and his crew have plans to build our coop and are donating some supplies and labor toward the cost of the project, we are extremely grateful for this generosity.  We are now going to work creating a chicken cart so the chicks can be reared and shared in classrooms for the first few weeks!

Below is a list of supplies for our coop.  If you are interested in donating supplies or money toward supplies for our coop please contact the front office.  We appreciate any and all donations!


Lumber List:

   10-2 by 8 by 12  Floor

   5-3/4 Plywood

   15-2 by 4 by 12 Plates

   35-2 by 4 by 8 Studs

   18-sheets- 1 1/2 inch Blueboard 4 by 8 Insulation

   18-sheets 2 inch Blueboard 4 by 8

   40-7/16 OSB 4 by 8 wall, roof, interior wall sheathing

   65-1by10 by 8 Shiplap Pine siding

   5-1by 8 by14 Soffits

   8-1by 4 by 8 Corners

   10-1by 4 by 12 Exterior trim

   4-2 by12 by12 Nesting Area

   1-3/4 birch plywood  Nesting top

   2-5ft Piano Hinges   Nesting top

   2-12by12 Wood gable vents

   8-2 by 8 by14   Rafters

   5 sheets- Red Metal roofing

   6- Drip Edge 10ft Red

   250- 1 1/2 Red Roofing Screws


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