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Natalie Freed & David Cole: Integrating Paper Circuitry Into Your Classroom.
Natalie Freed is a robotics and computer science teacher at Lick-Wilmerding High School. A passionate maker and designer, Natalie's website demonstrates her leadership in supporting ways to help kids create. David Cole is joining us from NEXMAP. As a former English/Language Arts teacher, he works with organizations such as the National Writing Project, to help content area teachers understand ways to integrate notebook hacking into their classrooms. David Cole will be leading the Paper Circuitry Workshop with Natalie Freed.  This dynamic duo will lead attendees through the basics of building circuits in notebooks all the way up to introducing how to code/program circuits.  Attendees of this workshop will receive a classroom size circuitry kit to begin integration in the fall. Natalie Freed and David Cole are also our keynote speakers and have the honor of being our conference feature workshop presenters.

Crystal Thomas: Edgenuity &  Blended Learning

Crystal Thomas of AKTEACH will be leading a workshop on using Edgenuity and how to teach in a blended learning environment. As AKTEACH's 9-12 Homeschool and Correspondence Coordinator, Crystal has gained a lot of experience as an Edgenuity and blended learning instructor. Prior to joining the AKTEACH team, Crystal taught for KIBSD as a virtual English teacher.  During her 18 years of experience as an Alaskan educator, Crystal Thomas has worked in both rural and town settings. Crystal brings her experience and expertise to this workshop as she guides attendees through how to effectively use Edgenuity, how to apply Edgenuity course tools to help students better manage work flow, how to teach in a blended learning environment, and how to coach virtual/distance learning students in blended learning experiences.

Apple Trainer: Getting The Most Out of Your Macbook

Tired of instructional presentations that leave your audience snoozing or off task?  Join Apple Trainer, Sally Eberhart, as she guides Macbook users through how to create presentations with keynote, how to create ibooks, and stay for an optional third day of training to create powerful instructional videos.  Learn tips and tricks for engaging audiences for those times when you have to present!  Bring your laptop and be ready to create! Sally Eberhart is a Senior Specialist with Apple Professional Development and is the Lead for Alaska and Hawaii. She manages a team of Alaska-based educators working with the AASB Consortium for Digital Learning, who travel across the state working with teachers and students in many Alaskan school districts. Prior to joining Apple Professional Development in 2006, Sally worked in the Anchorage School District for 27 years as an elementary teacher and later a member of the district Instructional Technology Department. She has taught technology classes for educators at University of Alaska and is a former board member of ASTE. 

Dr. Pam Lloyd and Presentation Team
Join Dr. Pam Lloyd and the presentation team as they guide teachers through the basics of building a UAV and explore how to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles into your virtual classroom. Prior to joining GCI, Pam worked with the Anchorage School District (ASD) for 15 years. As ASD's K-12 Instructional Technology Coordinator, Pam provided technology support, resources, and opportunities for teachers and students in 103 schools. In her tenure as an administrator with ASD, Pam led the Technology Teacher Leader program at ASD She also spent a significant amount of time in the classroom as an elementary teacher and as a middle school technology coordinator, where she gained a hands-on understanding of the technology needs of students and educators.

Pam currently serves in a number of leadership positions with industry groups including the Chairman of the Board for the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC), the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), including the SIG 1:1, SIG-IVC, and SIG-OL, She is on the board of directors for the United States Academic Decathlon, President of the Alaska Academic Decathlon, and past-president of the Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE). Pam is a winner of the ISTE President's Volunteer Service Award.

What could be more academically engaging and motivational to a student then building and flying their own quadcopter? Building  a small Unmanned Aerial System Vehicle (UAV) students of all interests and abilities will learn all about the components of a quadcopter and progress through STEM (or STEAM, depending on your creativity) lessons by working through an eight stage challenging, which include,  flying with a camera, heavy object lift, efficient flight, and agility through an obstacle course.

Brett Falke of HoverLabs, John Monahan, Director of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Modern Blanket Toss UAV project, Pam Lloyd from GCI, School Access, and students familiar with the project, will expertly guide participants through the building and flying of their own copter. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in hands on STEM project that was design, distance-tested and debugged first-hand in rural Alaska communities.

The America Bridge Project-Building Projects, Partners, & Connections with Ron Fortunato
Join Ron Fortunato and other America Bridge Project participants to develop a network focused on the GEFS project, the Nano-agriculture project, the UAS project, and more.  By working with Ron and connecting with other project participants across the state your team can plan for implementation, project extension, and do some problem solving. Ron Fortunato is a pioneer and innovator in the development and implementation of educational technology. He is one of the original five Christa McAuliffe Educators in the USA selected by the National Foundation for the Improvement of Education, and a NASA Space Ambassador for the United States. His understanding of teaching and learning processes, real world project-based learning and program implementation enable him to design and produce effective academic and business training solutions. A best-in-practice exemplary teacher, Ron is a national and international keynote speaker on the development of 21st Century learning environments. Ron is President of Trillium Learning, and his current activities include the development of international, collaborative, performance-based learning projects and professional development services for Asian, U.S. K- 12 and university markets.