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Build Your Customer Strategy

posted 10 Sep 2013, 22:06 by Huynh Khoa   [ updated 10 Sep 2013, 22:07 ]

A Guide to Cr
eating Profitable Customer Relationships
by James G. Barnes

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2006

Category: Sales & Marketing

Satisfied customers aren’t necessarily loyal. Your best customers are those with whom you’ve created an emotional bond.Buy the book

In this summary, you will learn
How to put on a “customer hat”
Why implementing customer relationship management (CRM) does not create a customer-centered culture
How a repeat customer differs from a loyal customer
How to give your customers an emotional connection to your company

Why you should read Build Your Customer Strategy

James Barnes is an iconoclast about statistics and customer relationship management software. He’s interested in building customer loyalty instead. He advocates building it not with data but by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. Your job then becomes removing everything that gets in the way of their having a great experience in every interaction with your company. Charts help him get his points across, and an appendix that provides a “customer strategy template” will help you implement his ideas. getAbstract recommends this book if you still believe that repeat customers are the same thing as loyal customers or that having a targeted customer marketing strategy means your company is customer-focused.
About the Author

James G. Barnes is the author of seven books, and a speaker and educator on customer relationship strategy. He consults with many major firms on building customer loyalty and managing customer relationships.