How to control developer privileges

The Developer Panel is an intermediate administrative panel that allows developers to perform functions that normally require an administrative account. Due to the security issues and ability to change billing information, developers cannot be given an administrative account. Thus the dev panel offers similar functionality without concerns of accessing forbidden information.

Marking a user as a developer

Only admins and users with a developer flag on their account may access the developer panel. To have your account marked as a developer, an admin must go into the dev panel and add your account. 


While logged in as an administrator, go to 

Adding a developer

To add a developer, enter the developers email in the "Add Dev" field (the top one) and press "Add as developer". If no errors show up, then the user has been added, and should appear in the list of current developers.

Removing a developer

The process for removing a developer is similar. To remove a developer, enter the developers email in the "Remove Dev" field (the bottom one) and press "Remove as developer". If no errors show up, then the user has been removed, and should no longer appear in the list of current developers.

Viewing current developers

Current developers will all be listed by email in the current devs table; located beneath the fields that add/remove developers

Changing user emails 

As a developer, you may change the login email for users, so that they may migrate logins without losing their data. This process is extremely sensitive as messing it up could cost the user their account. Please be careful when using this feature.


While logged in as a developer or administrator, go to 

Toward the top of the page there are two fields, Current Email, and New Email. In the current email field (the one on the left) place the OLD or CURRENT email that is associated with the account you want to change. In the New Email field, the one on the right, put in the NEW email that the user wants to CHANGE TO. Again, the current email is the one that is currently associated with the account data, and the new email is the email that the current email will be switched to.

So if a user is using, but then they realize that the want to login with their new email, you would put in the current user field, and in the new email field. Do not mess this up. 

When you have entered the emails, press 'Submit' to view the account data. (Pressing Submit will NOT change anything, it will simply reveal the UserData for both accounts.)

The table below the email fields will show the current UserData for each user. If the words 'No User' show up, then the email entered is currently not associated with an account. In most cases, the 'New Email' will not be associated with an account, and if the 'Current Email' is not associated with an account, something probably is not right. 

When you have confirmed that the UserData for both emails is correct, and when you would like to switch the users login from 'current email' to 'new email' press the 'Change' button under the table. The user login will now be changed.