Creating a new repository on github

Create a new repository for any logically separate piece of code. We can have zillions of repositories.  You have two options; one is to create the repository directly with Khan, the other is to create it on your own github account and then fork to Khan. I (csilvers) think the former is preferred, but you will need admin permissions on the github repository to do it.
  1. Go to our github admin home at
  2. You should see a sidebar on the right that says "Repositories (##)" and has a "New repository" button right next to it. If you don't see the button, you don't have the necessary permissions.  Ask someone for them.
  3. Click "New repository". Fill out the info. Make it a public repository (if you think it needs to be private, check with some experienced devs first to make sure that's the right thing to do). For normal repos, you should give everyone in the organization access by adding the teams "dev-fulltime" and "interns" in the teams dropdown. You should also add any teams that make sense for the repo. If you think your project warrants creating a new team (generally only if collaborating with external folks), you can create one at
    • If you want to change the teams later, you can do it at<project name>/admin/collaboration