How To Enable DOM Storage


We use something called "DOM storage" to store information about the exercises you have done. It's not necessary for watching videos but must be enabled to do exercises.

Browser Version

First, make sure you have a browser that supports DOM storage. You'll need one of the following:
 Internet Explorer  Firefox  Safari  Chrome  Opera
 8.0+  3.5+  4.0+  4.0+  10.5+

If you have one of these browsers and are still getting a message to enable DOM storage, jump to one of the following sections to turn it on in your browser.


Type "about:config" in the address bar

Click "I'll be careful, I promise!"

Type "" in the text box. Make sure it says "true" under "Value". Double click to toggle between true and false.

Internet Explorer

Select "Extras" -> "Internet Options" -> "Advanced" Tab -> Go to "Security" -> check "Enable DOM-Storage"
(todo: pictures)


Select the wrench and the "Preferences"

Select "Under the Hood" then click "Content Settings..."

Choose "Allow local data to be set (recommended"

I did all of those things and it still won't work

You might have a browser extension, like "BetterPrivacy", that is blocking DOM storage. You may be able to disable it for