Code review tips

How do I get my code reviewed?

Run arc diff --rr <name of reviewer>,...  This is most useful if you put your code-to-be-reviewed in its own branch first:
git co -b <newbranch>
type type type
git commit -a
arc diff --rr ...

How do I add new commits to an existing review?

Just do git commit again in your branch, followed by arc diff.

How do I review someone else's code?

If someone asks you to do a review, you'll get email telling you what to do. If you want to review someone else's code without them asking, you can add yourself as a reviewer on the phabricator page (e.g.

What do I do if I want to do a post-commit review?

Just make the change and do a git commit and then git push.  However, make sure you have a line
Auditors: <phabricator username1>, <phabricator username2> ...
in the commit message.  This will prompt a post-commit review.

Note you should not be doing post-commit reviews in general.  Appropriate times are when you are committing a bug fix to allow a deploy to proceed, and other changes of that ilk.