Khan Academy Development

Shipping beats perfection

1) Shipping beats perfection.

Scope features down to their core before getting started. Iterate outside of the code. Use mockups, design discussions, and anything else that helps you cut out the nonessential before diving into the 1s and 0s.

2) Be open. Share your work.

Focus on sharing our work both internally and externally with the entire community. Blog about your work. Tell the whole team when you deploy something new. Open source any useful frameworks. Walk down the street and yell to a stranger whenever you ship. Be open, we work on cool stuff.

3) Anybody can fix anything.

If you notice something you could make better, you never have to ask permission. You're allowed to fix anything, from the content of this wiki to the top of the company. If something's stopping you from getting a good change out the door, attack that something like Simba attacks the hyenas once he's grown up and strong.
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