For Beta Testers

Fig.1: Sal and the Khan Academy team whipping up tasty new features. (Image credit: Pusheen the cat)

Thank you for helping make Khan Academy even better. Come and test features that aren't quite out of the oven! 
How do you become a beta tester?
What can you do as a beta tester?
  • Be the first to test features before their release to all KA users... we'll do our best not to break too many things, but we hope you'll excuse some of our mess as we work toward a free world-class education for anyone anywhere
  • Get updates from the KA team on upcoming features (note: we may not ship some features tested with the beta group)
  • Opt out of the program at any time by removing "Khan Academy" ( as your coach (instructions)
Have a suggestion? See a nasty bug? Be a hero and post your feedback.