Site Redesign with Topics

Last modified: 3 January 2012

The point of these priorities is to figure out what we value most in terms of design so that we can evaluate the different alternatives we come up with.  Please feel free to add, subtract, reorder or comment on this list. 
  • Display the vastness of our content
  • Have people who know what they want find what they are looking for
  • Have one system of navigation, rather than multiple ways to get to the same information
  • Have a nice clean simple design (KISS)
  • Minimize pain per user:
    • Let people who have started learning on the site have a clear direction for what next they should do
    • Have minimum number of clicks to get to the content you want
    • Have the minimum amount of scrolling to find the content you want
    • Have the minimum amount of time to find the content you want
  • Provide a seamless integration between videos and exercises
  • Give people a clear indication of how far they have progressed in a topic
  • Don't overwhelm people with how little they have progressed (you've done 2 of 1356 math exercises)