Welcome to our Fourth Grade Class at Khalsa School Calgary. My name is Karamjit Seran and I have been teaching at Khasla School Calgary for almost 8 years. This year, I am teaching all core subjects to Grade 4A. In addition to Grade 4, I have taught several other grades over the years at Khalsa School Calgary. 

I am originally from Winnipeg and moved to Calgary in 2007. I am blessed to be part of a very loving and caring family. I am very close to my parents and my sisters, and love to spend time with them (which usually happens on special occasions/family gatherings). The other and perhaps the most important members of my family are my kind and loving husband, and my precious daughter Shreya. As a family, we enjoy sightseeing and being outdoors. Hiking in the woods and picnicking in the summer are our two favorite activities.

In terms of my education, I hold two degrees; Bachelor of Science (Major: Chemistry) and Bachelor of Education. Teaching is my passion and I hope to inspire young minds I teach in a positive way. I feel blessed that Waheguru has given me the opportunity to teach at Khalsa School Calgary and be part of such a hard working team.