I have put many videos and online links to many Punjabi learning websites to make Punjabi learning more fun. You can also find your homework, class work and projects along with their due dates.

Welcome to Punjabi/Gurmat Class. With the blessings of our great father, Guru Nanak Dev ji, we are learning to read, write, speak and understand Gurmukhi (the Punjabi script) in our Punjabi classes. As you know, we are having 'ability-based' Punjabi classes in which the students are grouped according to their skills and understanding of Punjabi language. We have divided the students into 'Basic level' and 'Advanced level' groups so that we can focus on their specific strengths and weaknesses. We are pleased to announce that this grouping system is working very well and the students are getting differentiated instruction along with one-on-one extra support for struggling students during their Punjabi classes. This has helped us to focus on the needs of our advanced students too by providing them with some challenging work to keep them engaged to learn more.