Welcome to Mr. Hasegawa's Grade 3 Website!

Dear Grade 3 Parents,

Spring is finally here and the students have been working hard during this term.  

In Literacy, students are learning through synergy in our Balanced Literacy Centers where they are challenged with idea-formation writing activities, word puzzlers, readers theater, vocabulary practice, guided reading and much more. In addition, students are learning about paragraph-writing and summarizing through expository texts. Students have completed an informational writing booklet about a scientific concept (rainbows, solar eclipse, tornado, etc.). Over the spring break, students were very eager and excited to complete and share their animal research projects. After the break, we began our Persuasive Writing unit. Following this unit, with only two months left of grade three, we are diving back into non-fiction writing with our Poetry unit and more narratives. As much as possible, students are encouraged to practise their writing skills at home by keeping a journal. Writing complete sentences with proper punctuation and capitalization is an important skill to be mastered for grade four. It is important that students remember to reread and edit their writing. Well done, grade threes.  

In Math Students are currently working on the Measurement Unit.  Students are learning how to relate the passage of time to common activities, using nonstandard and standard units.  They will demonstrate an understanding of measuring length and mass throughout the unit until the end of April.  Following the Measurement unit is the Fraction unit.  

Both Engineering companies have done a fantastic job testing a variety of materials in Science.  We will begin the building portion of this unit by taking what we learned and applying it various projects.  We look forward to what kind of designs your child comes up with during this unit. 

In Social Studies we have departed on our last trip of the year to “INDIA”.  Some of the students have just returned from India, however, we will hope to explore in detail of what this wonderful country has to offer.  

We are on our final push to the end of the year so we ask all students  to work harder than they’ve worked before and to keep the end in mind as we hope that all students will achieve their goals that they set since the beginning of the year! 


Mr. Hasegawa and Mrs. Konrad