Khalsa School Calgary

Preserving the Past, Preparing for the Future


Good Afternoon Parents,


For some of you I say welcome back, and for others I say simply welcome! I myself am one of the few teachers who are still also new to Khalsa School Calgary, and I am here to make this year a great one for your child.


The instructions in grade five will follow the Alberta Program of Studies.




I would also like to keep in touch on a regular basis. Every day I shall have an agenda note prepared that contains important information for you to review after school. If there are any messages that you might have for me, or if you simply want to chat about your child’s progress, I more than welcome it.


My email is Nicholas.Berry@Khalsaschoolcalgary.ca.


You can also phone me at 403-293-7712 ext. 284.


I am excited to be able to assist in your child’s education for the next 10 months. There is sure to be a lot of fun a lot of learning!


Nicholas Berry

Grade 5 Teacher


A Little About Me:


I was born in Ontario, and moved to Calgary in 2013 to pursue a career in teaching. As a student, I struggled in many areas of education. I was a poor reader, and an even worse mathematician. I had no love of writing, and an even smaller love for learning. It wasn’t until I discovered the many facets of creative writing that my love of literature grew, and with it a strong sense of helping other students who feel as I once did. I hope to instil a love of literature in your child, and to give them a sense of empowerment as they discover the endless possibilities of creative writing.


Aside from a love of literature, I’m also rather interested in sports. In university I was a varsity fencer, and in high school I was a rower. Currently I don’t play in any leagues, but I’m always looking for a fun and intense exercise!


Lastly, I love to travel. I’ve driven through both Canada, and the United States twice, and hope to take trips to various parts of Europe and Asia.