Welcome to Kindergarten at Khalsa School Calgary! It was a gorgeous summer and I am looking forward to a fabulous fall especially with your children in my class. I also assume that some of the children (and parents are a bit nervous about the first day of kindergarten. Honestly, I am too. Every year I have butterflies when I walk out to the playground to see all of the children!

I really hope that your child is excited about beginning the school year. All of the anxieties about the newness will soon disappear and we will all be having such great time as we start learning our routines and making friends to enjoy throughout the year. I am sure you have many questions about your child’s kindergarten year, so I hope this newsletter will answer most of them. If I don’t answer all of your questions, Please feel free to call on me. My email address is mandeep.parhar@khalsaschoolcalgary.ca or you can call me at school- 403-293-7712 ext.228.

 About the Teacher:-My name is Mandeep Parhar and I am very excited to be working with you and your child. I hope to get to know each of you as the year goes on, but first, I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself. This is my sixth year teaching at Khalsa School. I have had a wonderful experience at Khalsa School and I enjoy working here. I earned my master’s degree in Economics in the year 2004 and master’s in education the following year from Punjab University. I worked at a teacher training college as a lecturer for a year before I moved to Canada in 2006 following my marriage.  I got my Alberta Teacher certificate in 2008 and my journey in teaching in Canada began in 2011. I am blessed with an eight- year- old son. I love reading, cooking, dancing and spending time with my family.

Me and My family on Santa Cruz Beach

A few Reminders

Pick up and Drop Off:-Students can be dropped off No Earlier than 8:00 am. Please note that there will be no supervision available for the students before 8:00 am. All the drop off students will go straight out into the playground using the doors near the south parking lot. All the bus students will proceed to the playground using the path on the north side of the building along the fence ( Kindergarten students will be assisted to go to the playground after they get off the bus).Please use the south parking lot to park and do not park at the front parking lot for dropping off your child. Parents can accompany their child to the playground if they wish but once the bell goes at 8:10, Parents will be asked to leave and not accompany their child to the classroom. If your child gets picked up Please wait at the south entry doors near the south parking lot for your child at 3:00 pm. Communication Agenda and folder:-I believe that communication is the key to your child’s success and to a great parent teacher relationship. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. I will also do my part by sending home a communication agenda that will go out every day and be returned to the classroom next day. The agenda will include what we have been doing and the things that are coming up. When returning the agenda Please feel free to include a note for the teacher. I will try to respond on the same day. Your child will also be taking home and bringing back a folder every day. All the items on the side labeled ‘Take Home’ need to be kept home and the ones on the ‘Bring Back’ side need to be sent back after signing them. Please check that folder daily for important information and remove the papers in it.

Extra Clothes: in the event your child has an accident (like going down the slide on a wet day after rain), we ask that you please bring in a change of clothes to be kept in the classroom. This includes a change of socks, underwear, pants and shirt appropriate for the season. That way we don’t have to call you from your busy schedule and your child won’t miss any kindergarten fun. Please put these items in a big Ziploc bag with your child’s name labeled on it. Your child will also need two pairs of Velcro shoes- one for inside and one for outside. No shoes with laces please!

Snack and lunch: Please send two snacks and a lunch for your child as their day is going to be long. The snack should be low in sugar and relatively healthy .Some suggestions would be yoghurt, fruit, veggies, crackers, cheese etc. Please remember to pack a water bottle as well.

Labeling: All your child’s belongings must be labeled including clothes, backpack, lunch bag, shoes, and water bottle.

Please remember that parent involvement is essential to maximize the benefits the child gets from his or her school experience.  Regardless of the experience and expertise of the teacher, research shows that the biggest and most important factor in a student’s school success is the involvement of the PARENT in daily school experiences.  I urge you to become involved by helping your child with homework, joining our PAC, attending school meetings and conferences, volunteering in the classroom, talking with your child about his or her school experiences, and participating in your child’s education daily.

Together we will make your child’s kindergarten year the best ever!



Mrs. Parhar