Construction In Progress!

  Thank you for your patients.  My site is being updated for all your informative needs.  As we progress through out the semester, I will be updating and adding new material {like Extra credit Brain Teasers} and links {such as IXL}.  Select a link from the left to get an idea of the material that will be found on my page.

IXL is up and running!

  Is your child having trouble with their Algebra?  IXL might be right for them.  It's an online program designed to assist your child's mastery of the various VA SOL's in Algebra 1 and other subject area's.  If your child is currently enrolled in my Algebra 1 Part 1 class, they can practice and record their progress via the IXL program {when the update is completed}.  If your child isn't enrolled, they can still practice their SOL's however they won't be able to save their progress.  The program is one of the best way for your child to practice and receive immediate feed back on their progress.  Follow the link below, and if you are enrolled in my class use your school ID number {if you get an error message follow it "@KGCS."  The password is ixl.


  In March 25, 2016, we were working on standards A.4.c and A.2.c.  Below is a link of a worksheet that my fellow teachers and I used to aid in keeping track of their progress.