Carpentry I

Course Description:

  Carpentry I is the building block for achieving high-level construction industry skills that can result in an exciting and lucrative career. With an emphasis on safety, students are taught to use hand and power tools, cut stock, apply construction mathematics, and interpret blueprints. Students will become proficient in identifying of residential construction components to form foundations and frame walls, floors, doors, and windows.



Materials Needed:

     Three ring binder/notebook paper, pencil/pen, and Safety Glasses (must be approved by instructor) one pair will be supplied. Possible change of clothes.

Grading Policies:       


Homework     Up to 100%

Classwork      Up to 100%

Quizzes         Up to 100%

Tests            Up to 200%

            Projects        Up to 300%

Makeup/Missed/Late Work Policy:    

      Student Handbook Policy will apply. Only late work with excused absences will be accepted. All makeup work is the responsibility of the student.


King George High School HONOR CODE:

Anyone cheating will receive a zero for that assignment/test, a referral to the office, and parents will be notified.  Copying another student’s work is considered cheating!

All students are expected to adhere to the KGHS Honor Code:


“As a member of the student body of King George High School, I pledge that I will strive to be morally honest with myself and with others in thought, word, and deed.  I will not participate in, encourage, or condone cheating in any form.”


Grading Scale

A- 100 - 90

B- 89 - 80

C- 79 - 70

D - 69 - 60

F - 59 & <

Classroom Rules:  

  1. All rules in the student handbook will be strictly enforced. 
  2. SAFETY is number one. If you think your task cannot be done in a safe manner do not attempt to do it.
  3. No student shall operate any equipment without the instructor’s permission.
  4. Students shall be knowledgeable in the use and safety before using any equipment.
  5. No miss-use of any equipment, materials or school property. Students that miss-use equipment, materials, or school property shall be liable for replacement.
  6. All School policies are in effect while in this class.
  7. All students are to be in their assigned area, unless permission is given by instructor.
  8. No horse-play, throwing objects, running or kicking will be allowed.
  9. Shoes will be worn at all times.  No slippers, sandals or opened toed shoes will be allowed.

Student with shoe violation:

        1st offense- Zero for day and stay in seat and write essay.

        2nd offense- Zero for day and possible referral/call home

        3rd offense Zero for day, referral and possible removal from class


  1. Appropriate attire must be worn while in Carpentry class. If instructor determines that attire is unsafe, student will not be allowed to participate and possible Zero and essay for day.
  2. Work area and equipment will be cleaned and stored properly at the end of each day.
  3. SAFETY GLASSES will be worn at all times while in this class.
  4.  King George School and Instructor will not be responsible for any lost or damaged equipment, clothes, etc.  that students bring to class.
  5. No Cell phones or electronic devises are to be out unless permission is granted by the instructor.









Student Commitments and Responsibilities


I WILL:    .

… do my best at all times and follow the teacher’s directions promptly.

… be respectful to everyone in the room, including the teacher and myself.

… stay on schedule with the curriculum and arrange for help if I need it.

… keep my user name and computer password a secret.

… not abuse the textbooks or other equipment in the classroom.  

… be on time to class and in my seat when the bell rings.

… abide by the honor code, dress code, and other regulations as listed in the student handbook.