Course Description:  

Geometry introduces the study of points, segments, triangles, polygons, circles, solid figures, and their associated relationships as a mathematical system.  Emphasis is placed on the description and use of inductive, deductive, and intuitive reasoning skills.  Powers of abstract reasoning, spatial visualization and logical reasoning patterns are improved through this course.  Points, segments, triangles, polygons, circles, and solid figures are the structures studied.  The focus is on comparisons between these figures concerning surface areas, volumes, congruency, similarity, transformations, and coordinate Geometry.

Classroom Rules:  

  1. Be respectful to yourself, fellow students, and the teacher. 
  1. Be prepared for class. This means you have your book, binder, completed homework assignments, paper and a writing utensil (pencil). 
  1. Students must be in their seats and ready to work when the bell rings or they will be considered tardy to class. 

Tardy is when you come to class within two minutes after the bell; otherwise it is a failure to be in assigned area. 

Ø  Skipping class will result in a referral to the office. 

  1. School computer usage policies will be strictly enforced. 
  1. Do not ask to leave the classroom unless it is an emergency. Go to your locker and use the lavatory between classes. 
  1. No food is allowed in the classroom. NO EXCEPTIONS!! The only drink you may have in my room is water and it MUST have a lid. 
  1. Raise your hand to ask a question or to move from your seat. 
  1. Inappropriate language will result in an immediate referral. 
  1. Do not act in any inappropriate manner which will warrant a parental call or conference. 
  1. Talking during lectures will not be tolerated.  Talking during quizzes or tests will result in a zero given to the student(s). 
  1. School policies and procedures will be strictly enforced.


Grading Policy:

Total points are used for each six weeks...

•   Tests                                               100 pts.

•   Quizzes                                            20 to 80 pts.

•   Homework/Classwork(per section)     10 points

Final Grades will be determined by the percentage of point’s accumulated verses the total points possible.

I will collect or check homework almost every day. Homework is due at the beginning of class, come prepared and ready for class.  All homework will be graded on content and effort. You will need to show all work to receive full credit. Late homework assignments will be accepted at the discretion of the teacher.

Quizzes will be given at different times during a chapter and may be unannounced. If a student misses class, they are responsible to copy the notes from either another classmate or the teacher.

Chapter tests will be given throughout the semester and will always be announced. If you are absent the day of the test you will take the test the day you return to school

Makeup/Missed/Late Work Policy:


If a student misses class they will have 3 days to make up missing work, per school board policy. Late work may be accepted on a per student basis at the discretion of the teacher.