Principal's Corner

Kettle Falls Elementary

Caring  Responsibility  Effort  Wisdom

We are CREW not passengers.


We are committed to helping all students succeed by setting high standards, based on the Washington State Benchmarks and supporting all students in their efforts to achieve these standards.  Through Expeditionary Learning, each grade level has three content-based expeditions a year.  These expeditions are science or social studies in-depth studies.  Literacy (reading and writing) is embedded into the expedition with learning targets based on the state standards.  Our math program is “Bridges”.  All students have 75-90 minutes of math instruction daily.  Clear learning targets are based on the standards; students reflect on their growth toward the learning targets and all students are assessed after intentional teaching has taken place.


Expeditions are also community based whenever possible.  Learning about local science and social studies topics allow the students to have many experts and fieldwork experiences.  Students create a final product that showcases their learning through writing and art.  Service is embedded into many expeditions.


Students at Kettle Falls Elementary build a strong sense of CREW through their daily CREW meetings, All-School CREW and CREW Club activities.  “We are CREW not passengers” is not just a quote at KFES; students practice being CREW in and out of the classroom.  The words caring, responsibility, effort and wisdom live each child’s choices throughout the day.  Students at KFES take responsibility for their learning and character by self-assessing their learning and actions.  They understand that caring, effort and wisdom are all shown by meeting their academic and character learning targets.


Being a student at Kettle Falls Elementary School sets the course for a lifetime of learning and good character.

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