Thanksgiving Break, Grandparents' Lunch and SNOW!

posted Nov 13, 2012, 8:17 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 13, 2012, 8:23 PM ]


School hours will be 8:20-10:55 a.m. on Wednesday, November 21st. There will be no school on Thursday and Friday, November 22nd & 23rd.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Parents, please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. Children are not allowed to play in the snow without boots, snowpants and gloves. (If your child is in need of any winter apparel, please let us know.)   In the event the start of school is to be delayed or school is closed due to the weather, we will notify all parents by a call from School Messenger to the first guardian¹s primary phone number; please make sure we have your latest phone number on file.  In addition to School Messenger, local radio and TV stations will be notified and will broadcast this information.  Please tune in to the radio or TV on mornings when the weather is questionable.  If school is delayed, students should not arrive at school until approximately 15 minutes before the start of school as there is no supervision until that time.  If we have a late start, the breakfast program will be canceled.  Lunch will be served as usual.  We are sorry for the inconvenience that delaying school causes but we feel we must do this for the safety of the children that ride buses or have quite a distance to walk to school.  We need to allow time for the plows to clear the roads.


Our Grandparents¹ Lunch - Turkey dinner with all the trimmings - will be held on Tuesday, November 20th.

Lunch will be served to classes at the following times:

    11:00 - Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Kenney, Mrs. Berg

    11:40 - Mrs. Gaston, Mrs. Corvino, Mrs. Smith

    12:20 - Mrs. Linton, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Galli & Mrs. James

Adult lunches are $3.25 (cash, or checks made payable to KFES).  Student lunches $1.85 (unless on the Federal Lunch Program).  Guests should go directly to the classrooms and go through the lunch line with the students - please pay as you go through the line.



Yes, we are planning to attend the Grandparents¹ Lunch on Tuesday, November 20, 2012

_______  Number of adults attending the 11:00 Lunch

_______  Number of adults attending the 11:40 Lunch

_______ Number of adults attending the 12:20 Lunch

(Please return only one form per family by Monday, November 19, 2012.)