Dear Parents,

Kettle Falls Elementary students will be continuing an activity that began last year to build character through adventure.  Every Wednesday one grade level will be led through a challenging adventure by Mr. Gaston, Mrs. Shaw, Miss Fink, and their teacher.  These activities will be closely monitored and safe for our children.   The teaching team will set an expectation of participating and meeting the learning targets.  All students will have journals to reflect on their learning targets each trip.  We are so excited to continue this program.

The first round of adventure will focus on the CREW trait of  CARING.  The learning target will be I can take turns, share, listen to and interact with others.  Second, third and fourth graders will also have the learning target “I can find a geo-cache using waypoints on a GPS.   They will travel to Canyon Creek where they will be taking a series of hikes, searching for geo-caches using a GPS, always with a staff leader.

Each day of adventure will require a sack lunch, two bottles of water(not glass), comfortable hiking shoes or sneakers, a hat,  and you might want put bug spray and sunscreen on your child before they leave home.  We cannot use these products on your child, so it must be done at home.

Please return the permission form so that your child can participate in our next ADVENTURE.  We are counting on all children being a part of this experience and have provided appropriate accommodations so that all children can be successful.  You will have chance to learn more about your child’s reflections on their learning targets during student led conferences November 9th and 10th.

Happy Adventuring,

 Val McKern, Principal KFES

Hiking - From Sherman Creek Fish Hatchery to Haag's Cove