Columbia Virtual Academy

CVA-Kettle Falls is a totally public, K-12, statewide, tuition free, fully accredited alternative to traditional brick and mortar schools. Leading the way for Alternative Learning Experiences in Washington State, Columbia Virtual Academy – Kettle Falls is committed to offering flexible education and curriculum options for students grades K-12. Columbia Virtual Academy is fully accredited, tuition free and totally public. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional public school or homeschooling, CVA-KF could be right for you.

You can visit the Columbia Virtual Academy website at: or contact program Director Tom Graham at 738-3354.

Kettle Falls Campus 

Mailing Address:

PO Box 458

Kettle Falls, WA  99141


Shipping Address:

W 105 11th

Kettle Falls, WA  99141

                                 Toll Free – 877.398.0025                              

    Office Fax- 509.738.2292


Tom Graham                               Principal / CVA Teacher                                 509.738.3354  

Joe Kerns                              CVA Teacher                                          509.738.3361

Diane Germann                              CVA Teacher                                                     509.738.6014

Greg Goodnight                              CVA Teacher                                                     509.738.2566

Tammy McNamee                          Secretary                                                           509.738.3371