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In 2012, Klamath Falls City Schools district was named as a “CLASS” district, working with the Chalkboard Project. CLASS (Creative Leadership Achieves Student Success) is an innovative education initiative designed to empower teachers and raise student achievement. It is built around four components linked to effective teaching: expanded career paths, effective performance evaluations, relevant professional development, and new compensation models.  In 2014, KFCS was awarded a Collaboration Grant through the Oregon Department of Education to develop innovative strategies within each component.

Learn more about the progress of the complete Design Team in the Minutes of our monthly meetings. The Design Team meetings are open to all interested parties and are held in the District Office board room. 

For information on activities within each blueprint component, click on the appropriate link below:

Career Pathways


Professional Development

Compensation Models

The Klamath Falls City Schools Evaluation Handbook can be accessed here. If you are interested in just the LEGENDS rubric used to evaluate teachers on the INTASC teaching standards, it is located here.

Launched in 2004, the Chalkboard Project is a non-partisan nonprofit working to unite Oregonians to make our K-12 public schools among the nation’s best. We aim to help create a more informed and engaged public that understands and addresses the tough choices and trade-offs required to build strong schools.

Learn more about the CLASS Project and hear Oregon teachers talk about the difference it has made in their districts at