AVID in the Klamath Falls City Schools

On December 14, 2015, the Klamath Falls City Schools board of directors approved a resolution declaring KFCS to be an AVID district, in which all classrooms in all schools are expected to effectively implement AVID strategies to help students attain a high school graduation and realize their college and career goals.
AVID's mission is to prepare all students for college and success in a global society.

AVID teaches students the skills they need to do well in school, career, and life.
The Klamath Falls City School district began implementing AVID in 2014. Pelican Elementary School, Ponderosa Middle School, and Klamath Union High School all sent teams of teachers and administrators to AVID's Summer Institute, an intensive training session held during summer vacation. Mills Elementary School, Roosevelt Elementary School, and Conger Elementary School joined them for the summer of 2015. The district has committed to training all teachers in AVID strategies, using teacher inservice time for full-day workshops and sponsoring a series of evening sessions focusing on different AVID topics. AVID is a long-term commitment, and we will continue to train teachers and refine our implementation in the years to come.

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