Locked out in Salford
0161 452 0055, We are Based in Worsley, If your Locked Out or Locked In or just need a Locksmith, Phone Now

We are Specialists with all Types of Locks Including Upvc and Composite Doors, We carry all Spare Parts so we don't have to go Shopping.

There isn't any Call Out Charges, Just Pay for Labour and Parts, you get a 12-Month Guarantee on Parts and Labour.

If you are Locked Out we will Unlock the Door by Picking the Lock. we Carry many different types of Lock Picks and Manipulation Tools to allow us to Open Locks without Damage.

If you have a Faulty Lock we will be able to Repair or Replace it, we carry a Large Stock of Different Types of Locks, we can Repair or Replace, a more Secure Lock is recommended for any situation where there are Problems Locking or Unlocking a Lock.

If you have a Key Broken in Lock or just a Broken Key we can remove it with Special Tools, we can Duplicate a New Key with both Halfs of the Key using a Key Cutting Machine and because we are Experts at Key Duplication the Copy Key that you get will be as good as the Original Key.

We are Experts at Broken Key Extraction

Customers come to us to have a Lock Fitted because we carry a Variety of Locks on our Vans either for New Lock Installations or to Replace an Existing Lock and of course a new Lock Installation will usually need Extra Keys Cutting.

We are Professional Locksmiths experienced as Residential Locksmiths, Commercial Locksmiths, Safe Locksmiths or a 247 Locksmith who does 247 Emergency Locksmith Calls Day and Night which may involve Emergency Opening or Emergency Unlocking of Locks, some of the situations are where the Door wont Lock.

When Customers phone a Locksmith with a Problem, they say thing like

Something has fallen down in the Mortice Lock and my Key wont go in.

I Cant take my Key out of the Lock, or I cant Lock my Door from the Outside.

My Key wont go in the Lock all the Way, I Cant open the Door with my Key, there is a Key on the Inside and its Turned. My Key is Spinning in the Lock.

We are experienced with All of the Problems that Customers have with Locks and Keys.

There are a lot of Customers who experience Problems with UPVC Doors or Plastic Doors, some have difficulty Locking their Doors while others have Difficulty in Unlocking, at this stage they need to call us to have the problem resolved because Multi Point Locking Systems can Break when too much Force is applied, the adjustments a Locksmith can do can make the Door work perfectly again.

Composite Doors have Multipoint Locking Systems also, the Doors are made to be a Security Door with a Combination of Strength and meet the Energy Saving requirements of being Drought Resistant and not allowing Heat Loss through the Door, they are Expensive but can last for Many years, Occasionally they may have difficulty with Locks due to Wear and Tear and need their Locking Mechanisms Adjusted. As the saying goes A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.

Home Security Covers so many Areas, Window Locks, External Door Locks, Internal Door Locks, Patio Door Locks, French Door Locks, Burglar Alarms and External Lighting.

The Police have a Crime Prevention Service which is Free, By Appointment a Crime Prevention Officer will come to you Home and Suggest Ways to Make your Home more Secure. (Check with your Local Police Station)

Insurance Companies want your Home to be More Secure also, they usually list their requirements in the Documents that they send to you, sometimes its hard to work out if you're Home meets those Requirements, Locksmiths can advise you if you're home meets those requirements.

Worsley is a Large Residential area and is Part of the Metropolitan Borough of Salford.

Salford is one of the 10-Areas that Comprise GREATER MANCHESTER COUNTY.

The County has a Great Infrastructure of Canals Roads, Railways and Airports, we offer our Locksmith Services to Worsley and all of the area's of Greater Manchester

Locksmiths for Salford and Greater Manchester


If your Door Handle is Faulty it Might Lock you out if it Breaks, so if your Upvc Door or Plastic Door Handle is becoming loose or pulling Apart, then you need a Locksmith to replace it.

When our Customers Phone they say things Like

My upvc door handle wont lift to lock

My upvc door handle has broken off

My upvc door handle wont lift up

My upvc door handle is broken and cant open the door

Sometimes when it seems that the Handle is Broken because it wont lift up or press down, its not the Handle its the Multi Point Lock Mechanism thats faulty and not letting the Handle operate.

upvc door locking mechanism problems

upvc door wont open

upvc door with a broken mechanism

upvc door lock mechanism sticking

Communal Entrance Door Handles experience a lot of Wear and Tear because of the Amount of People that use them, so be sure to let your Landlord know if you're experiencing difficulties with the Communal Entrance Door Lock or Communal Entrance Handles, then They can send someone to Fix the Problem.

Ideally Graham Towler Locksmiths would be the right Choice because we won't have to go Shopping for Stock, we have All the locks and Handles on the Van and if any Spare Keys need Cutting or Duplicating we can Cut them in the Van, from 1 extra Key to 1000.

If you're Main Entrance Door on your House has been there for 10-years or More then there is a high probability that in the future you may experience problems due to wear and tear on the Lock or the Cylinder. When we come to your Home to replace or fit a Lock we can change it Like for Like because we Stock all the sizes of Locks and Cylinders including Brass, Satin or Chrome Metal Finishes.

If you're Locked Out because you have Lost your Key, we can come to your Home Straight Away and Pick the Lock and get you back into your Home, if you have a Spare Key in the House you might not want to change the Lock.however if you have lost you're Keys for the Following reasons you may want us to change the Locks.

Left your Key in the Lock when you went to Work

Lost your key in the Drive or Street near your Home

Had your Bag Lost or Stolen with contents that have your Phone Number or Address

Or even if you have no idea where you Lost your Keys,  your Insurance Company may Expect you to Change your Lock if only to rule out the Chance that a Stranger may have your Keys and Know where you Live.

If you have Moved into a New Home, have you Replaced the Locks. The Police and the Insurance Companies recommend that you always replace the External Door Locks when you Move House.

The people moving out of your new Home may be Honest, but who knows where all the Copy Keys are that they have given to Friends and Neighbours are. We can Replace your Locks and Cut Extra Keys whilst at your House, to give you peace of mind.

When you see Locksmith Advertising, do you Know what it means


A Locksmith that is Available for Callouts  24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, and is prepared to go out to work at 3 am when required, (THAT'S US, WE GO OUT AT ANY TIME, CHRISTMAS, NEW YEAR AND ALL BANK HOLIDAYS)


We don't charge any other Charges than Labour and Parts, but there are some Companies that Charge a Premium to bring their Locksmith or their Business to your Door, then they Charge you for Labour and Parts, so its an Additional Fee that you Pay, even if you Cancel the Call you will still have to Pay the Callout Charge.   (WE DO NOT CHARGE A CALLOUT FEE)


If you have called out a Locksmith because you have Lost a Key and then you find it, the first thing you need to do is Cancel the Locksmith. Some Locksmiths will still come to your Door in order to collect a Cancellation Fee.       (WE DO NOT HAVE A CANCELLATION FEE)


An EMERGENCY CALL means you need a Locksmith Right Now because its an Emergency.

We are Based in Worsley so if you're in Worsley or adjoining to Worsley we can be with you in Minutes.

Were always on Call, for everybody, even for people that are not near Worsley.

Worsley is our Base so we are local to, Boothstown, Astley, Mosley Common, Broadoak Park, Roe Green, Ellenbrook, Wardley, Monton, Winton. Eccles, Swinton, Linnyshaw, Walkden, and Little Hulton.



A Booked Appointment means that you Choose a Time between you and the Locksmith.



A Free Survey can be requested by the Customer to ensure that the job to be done is affordable.

The Locksmith might suggest It so that a correct quote can be given.