COVID-19 Update

The KLC Building is currently closed to the public except by appointment.

We are accepting registrations from anywhere in BC.

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All online courses are ongoing and students are expected to continue working as per normal.

Please ensure that all paper documents are scanned as .pdf files and submitted either to the course dropbox or to as directed for your course.    For scanning assistance please email

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.

All test requests to be emailed to: 

The Key Learning Centre provides alternative style educational programs to British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. Our school is located in the heart of the bustling community of Fort St. John overlooking the beautiful Peace River Valley. We house multiple programs including distributed learning (distance education), continuing education and an alternate education program. We focus on learners who are looking to learn outside mainstream education programs.

We enroll a population of more than 800 students, offering programs for K-12 students, as well as adults. Adult students use our programs both to graduate and to upgrade in order to pursue post-secondary education goals.

The underlying philosophy of our building is a commitment to provide educational programs that enable students of any age and need to meet their personalized educational goals. Our programs include options for learning:

  • at a distance; learning online with a cohort of other students (K-9)

  • at a distance; independently at your own pace. (K-12 & Adults)

  • in a blended environment (K-9)

  • in an alternate education model that focuses on students learning needs and considerations. (K-12)

  • in a face to face model for students 16 years of age through adult. (Continuing Education)

  • during the summer.  (Summer school programs - contact the school for further details.)

For those enrolled in traditional schools, The Key Learning Centre is dedicated to working in concert with the school to provide additional learning choices through a variety of core and elective subjects, many of which may not be available through their traditional schools.

We have an active Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and seek parent involvement in their child’s / children’s education.   As well, we actively seek to create working relationships with various community groups to provide the best learning environment possible for our students.

KLC Framework Document :

We offer academic courses and exciting new elective options

to help complete your Graduation

Our programs are available for:

*Adults wishing to graduate with the 20 credit Adult Diploma Program

*Students wishing to  graduate with the  80 credit Dogwood Grad Program

*Students who have graduated and wish to upgrade or take a new course

We even have our own Graduation Ceremony at the end of each year.

Announcing: Butterfly and Mantis Activity at KLC (Ended 31st May): (For Past Streams, Click here!)

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