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Hello and welcome to my website!  I am excited for the opportunity to work with all of you this year.  We have many exciting opportunities before us.  As we learn and grow together this year, this site will provide you with ongoing support and bridge the gap between the school and your home.  As you explore, you will find a great deal of information that will keep you in the loop and allow you to be an involved member of the learning process.  Here's to a great year!
Hours of the Athletic Training Room

Monday thru Friday

Might close earlier due to event coverage

Contact Information for Athletic Trainer
Emily Anderson
262-8427 x4021


In the unfortunate event that your son or daughter gets injured during an athletic contest or practice, these are the procedures that should be followed:


After initial injury, please make contact with the Athletic Trainer as soon as possible. If I am not present when the injury occurs, do not assume that a coach will have reported it, please contact me yourself or instruct your son or daughter to see me. It is important that I am notified of all injuries to ensure proper documentation.


In some instances, I will recommend that your child see your family physician or pediatrician. However, as a general rule, when the injury involves bones, joints or muscles I recommend a doctor with a background in sports medicine. Remember, any time your son or daughter sees a physician, it is important that I am kept apprised of the situation. I am required to follow your doctor’s orders to the letter.


Unless it is a true emergency, try to avoid visits to the emergency room and/or Urgent Care Centers. Emergency room and Urgent Care physicians are not usually extensively trained in sports medicine and will often just refer your child to an orthopedic specialist. They should not be used as time saving substitutes for an office visit.


Any athlete who is removed from participation by a physician for any amount of time will require a written release from a physician in order to resume activities.



Per Wisconsin state law and WIAA guidelines, all athletes who have sustained a concussion will require written clearance from a physician or Athletic Trainer. They will be required to complete a graduated return to activity protocol prior to returning to their sport. The athlete may be seen by their family physician or pediatrician.


ASMI is proud to provide the Cogstat test for all athletes of our contracted schools.  Cogstat is a post-concussion evaluation tool to help determine whether your athlete has returned to a normal cognitive level prior to clearing them for activity. For more information about concussion management, the Cogstat test, or to review the full Kewaskum High School/Girdiron Concussion Management policy, please contact the Athletic Trainer.